Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Week 13

Can I just say it is SO nice to be home?  We got home on Friday night but were only home for about 36 hours and then back in the car for a few hours to go to see Dallin's cousin off as he leaves for 2 years in England as he serves a mission for our church.  It was also the end of his family reunion that we missed and our kids were devastated about that so it was nice to get to visit with everyone and catch up on all the family news.  He comes from a HUGE family, as in 10 aunts and uncles plus 10 spouses, 50 cousins, half of which are married and have large families of their own.  This reunion is usually 4 days long and has about 150 + people in attendance!  It is the very definition of a reunion!!!  We learned our lesson though - we will not plan a vacation (no matter how fun) at the same time as we miss the reunion and our kids will NOT let it go.  More on our fun vacay later.

So now, back to our regularly scheduled program.  This week for dinner:

Chicken Caesar Salad - I was shocked as every single one of our kids gobbled it down!  It was perfect after the week of crazy food we had.

cereal - we got home at about 8pm and had a super huge lunch of Cafe Rio after the farewell so none of us were starving

We did a picnic at the lake for Family Home Evening so we had sandwiches, nectarine slices, watermelon, raspberries and BBQ chips

It is raining and I have chicken thighs in the fridge so I think Chicken a la King over brown basmati rice, steamed green beans and a salad.

Pork chops with a peach butter sauce, grilled zucchini, mushrooms, new potatoes and peppers (all done in a foil pouch)

Pepper steak with shallot cream sauce, mashed parmesan potatoes, glazed zucchini and carrots, salad

we are heading out of town so probably hot dogs over the fire with veggie sticks and chips

Not too sure yet but we will still be out of town so maybe chicken fajitas with spanish rice and corn

Your turn.  Share those menus with me - PLEASE!

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