Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Week 8

Oh man, I am so behind this week already and it is only Tuesday morning!  How does that happen?  I think my brain is just on superdrive this week and I just cannot get everything done that I want to.  That and we have about a kajillion things going on.  Yes, I said a kajillion - you got a problem with that?!?
On top of everything, I got a new calling this week.  A counsellor in the Primary Presidency.  If you know what that is, you are cringing and if you don't, it is a super busy, crazy, insane (but fun) place to be!!!

Now, on to this week's menu:

We did not have a real dinner - oatmeal (homemade) and some fruit

Butter chicken over basmati rice and fresh green beans (is there anything better than fresh green beans?)

apple dijon pork chops, mixed veggie and potato grill (zucchini, peppers, mushrooms, onions and new potatoes on the BBQ), spinach salad

Jack has soccer & I have a meeting so something easy - sandwiches or grilled cheese, raw veggies and chips I think

Grilled curried steak, mashed potatoes with carmelized onions, broccoli

either homemade pizza & salad or going out with friends, not sure which yet!

the kids have a birthday party and then we have bookclub so something simple and easy

I know, I know, it is a weak attempt at a menu this week.  I promise to get my act together and get cooking some great things and posting recipes asap!

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  1. post your butter chicken recipe, I would love to have that one!