Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Change of plans

Don't you love it when you change things spur of the moment?  I actually usually hate it but today it is good.  I went to Costco this morning and while I was there they had beautiful fresh Salmon filets so I bought one and decided THAT is what we are having for dinner.  For weeks I have been thinking of doing a Soy Ginger glazed salmon with a brown rice pilaf so I think that is what we are going to have tonight with some sesame sugar snap peas and possibly a spinach and blackberry salad.  Sounds pretty good, if you ask me!
Fresh fish is one of my favorite meals and while it is not like living on the coast, we are still lucky to be able to get stuff like that frequently.  I also love that my kids will eat it without complaint (for the most part) and I am even more excited at the prospect of having leftover salmon on salad tomorrow for lunch!!!

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