Monday, June 27, 2011

week 10

Wow, 10 weeks already?  I am already into double digits!  Who would have guess I could keep it up for this long?
This past week was a gong show at our house.  Sick kids and mayhem galore.  Sophia started with an ear infection which progressed into a virus of such a nasty nature - fever, pink eye, deep cough, lethargy and joint pain, and all around misery for all three little kids which came full circle to an ear infection for Jack.  All in one week.  Aren't you jealous?  Needless to say our dinner menu went out the window and it was pretty much feed the kids whatever they will eat (which wasn't much most days) and Dallin and I ate after they went to bed.  Not good for eating healthy or for eating much of anything, since we were so exhausted by that time that often we just ate cereal or grabbed snacks and called it done.  Saturday I was so excited to cook a real dinner that I made so much food and Dallin laughed at me!
Now, this week will be a repeat of a few things since we didn't make them and a few new recipes I am excited to try.

Dallin's cousin was leaving for his mission so we went to a family lunch/dinner at his aunt's house to say goodbye and visit.  Roast beef, buns, and a million salads

Korean grilled steak, stir fried peppers, mushrooms, zucchini, carrots and broccoli with chow mein noodles and potstickers (got to use those up!)

chicken souvlaki with pita, tzatziki, greek rice pilaf and greek salad with tonnes of feta and black olives

pork tenderloin with peach butter sauce, polenta (maybe grilled polenta) and steamed broccoli

Pollo Asado with homemade tortillas, pico de gallo, guacamole and corn, maybe a big green salad

Holiday so if we are in town, homemade pizza which we STILL have not made or else on the road

We may have a BBQ at my moms so might try BBQ bacon sliders and salads or if not, we will figure something out at home or on the road if we are still not back

Your turn - share those menus :)  I want to see what you are eating, even if you think it is not exciting or really planned or even if you are eating out most of the week.  I just want to know what you are eating!!!

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