Monday, May 2, 2011

Week 4

I am so impressed since I actually stayed on program last week and our menu was a success! The same will not be said for this week, I can guarantee it. This week is extra crazy for me. Not only will I be cooking regular dinners but I also need to make some meals to freeze for next week. We are leaving this Friday for 9 days in the Dominican Republic and grandparents are coming to stay with our children. It will be a SUPER busy week trying to get all the laundry, cleaning, packing and cooking done but it will be so worth it!!!

Our menu for the week, or at least part of it ...

Big Rock Burgers (just our own homemade burgers topped the way we like) with BBQ roasted veggies (new potatoes, yellow and red peppers, mushrooms and zucchini) and steamed lemon green beans

grilled chicken with oven roasted new and sweet potatoes and sauteed zucchini

Pork chops with peach butter sauce, polenta and glazed carrots

steak with mushrooms and carmelized onions, garlic mashed potatoes and green beans

Soy ginger glazed salmon with rice and stirfried veggies (peppers, broccoli, snap peas, mushrooms, carrots)

at the airport

at the resort!!!!

Since I will be gone all next week there will be no menu but I promise a lot of pictures of beaches and food when I get back!!!

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