Friday, May 6, 2011

Leaving on a jetplane

Today we are leaving. I should be very excited and beside myself with giddyness. Right? Why does it feel so hard to leave?
I am going away without my babies for the longest I have ever left them. I am crestfallen and anxious, miserable and yet a little hopeful. How does that work? I am looking forward to the obvious, time away to rejuvenate, unwind, SLEEP and just be with my sweetheart for the next 9 days. I know we will have a wonderful time.
I am worried about my babies. I know that is ridiculous since they are in the best hands possible but I cannot help feeling nervous and sick with worry. What if something happens? I won't even know since we will not be calling home regularly! What if one of the kids gets sick? Will the grandparents know which songs to sing and how to snuggle them right? Of course not but they will make it through and do just fine. Intellectually I know all of this, I know I will come home to happy well fed kids who are no worse for wear but I am scared. Nauseous and shaky and clammy and dizzy. You would think I was having surgery or something.
Honestly though, 9 days without any demands on me and answering no questions except what do I want to eat at the buffet or do I want to go in the ocean or the pool? White sand and turquoise water? HOT HOT weather? Yes, please!

I will have fun, the kids will have fun, I will have fun, the kids will have fun, I will have fun, the kids will have fun .....


  1. You WILL have SO MUCH FUN! Can`t wait to hear all about it! And your kids will have a blast being with their grandparents, so just enjoy yourselves!

  2. Enjoy your trip! I'm sure the kids will have lots of fun too. Spenser loved hanging out with his grandparents for a week when we went to Scotland and keeps asking when he can go to Grandma's house by himself again.

  3. You will have fun! Don't spend 9 days talking about the kids and missing them. They will all be there when you come home (all too quickly!). Enjoy not having them around, as bad as that sounds... you deserve it and who know when you will have this chance again?

  4. I left my kids for 10 days once to go to Hawaii and I decided right at the beginning to not worry or miss them once and . . . I didn't. I enjoyed every minute of it.