Thursday, April 7, 2011

General Conference

General Conference was this past weekend. Most of you know that. If you are anything like me, it is one of the best weekends of your year. We LOVE conference weekend. A big breakfast, yummy treats, staying in your pj's all weekend long, snuggling on the couch and being spiritually fed. Okay, so maybe for some of you you do not have the same luxuries we do to watch conference at home but really with the internet and all that jazz things are getting pretty simple!
I love to look for a theme in conference. As Elder Holland said, no one is assigned a topic so it is always fun to see what themes are repeated since you know that they are inspired and come from the Lord. I also love that every person you talk to hears a different theme, depending on where they are in their lives. This conference I heard two things: pick up your socks and DO SOMETHING and marriage - get married, stay married, period.
My favorite talk of conference was Elder Richard G. Scott's talk on Eternal Marriage. Oh man, did I ever bawl through that one. He had such a tender love for his sweet wife and I loved hearing about how happy he was to have been married. He loved his kids and his life. It made me so happy to hear it. I sometimes feel like a minority in being married to the man of my dreams, loving staying at home and being able to be a mom and a wife. It is all I want in this life. I often wonder why that is so strange? Why the world seems to think I am missing out on something? I was comforted and touched to hear of Elder Scott's experiences as a father and husband.
I also loved Quentin L. Cook's talk on Women. His comments were so precious and uplifting and such a needed reminder as to my role and my divine nature. I love when I feel like the apostles are speaking directly to me and in his case, I felt like he was.
There were so many other wonderful talks and inspired messages. I love that after each conference I feel that renewed sense of purpose and determination to "Pick up my socks and DO something!". I really felt it this year and was reminded of all I need to do in this life but also of all I have been blessed with in this life as well. My life really is good, it is oh-so good and sweet and wonderful and I am so lucky to be alive at this time, raising these wonderful children and married to the most amazing man.

Please remind me of all of this tomorrow when chaos resumes, k?

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