Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fort Okotoks

Forts are a favourite game around our house. And really, who doesn't love a fort? A blanket and some structural elements and suddenly you have your own retreat, a place all your own where you can hide out from the world. Every mom out there can attest to needing that every once and a while! I can honestly see why my kids love them and it is so fun to see their creativity in building them. We have had some pretty complicated and intricate forts in our time, mostly built by the creative genius that is Emma (9). She has a knack and loves to organize and assign tasks. Must take after someone she knows ......
The other day after building some basic forts the phone rang and after a few minutes realized that kids were not all over me. What a feeling! So I went to check on them and found this:

I always worried about Jack not having a brother but now I see that he has something better, a best friend!

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