Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Easter in the Sask

This year we headed to Saskatoon to have Easter with Dal's sister Laura which we LOVE doing! We missed out last year since Easter and Laura's husband Woody's exams were too close together. Anyway, we headed out on Thursday and decided to let the beloved iPhone give us directions. Well, a wasted hour of driving only 80 km/hr on GRAVEL roads and too many questions of how much longer and we finally got there.
Trip highlights:

*laughing about the roads on the way there
*finding the house "empty" when we got there and walking in uninvited!
*Laura's DELICIOUS breakfasts
*a giant slide astrojump in the back yard
*so many Apple products in one house!
*Indian Food and a babysitter
*Two attempts at peanut butter cup blizzards
*making buns with Laura
*the GORGEOUS weather
*the scariest mall Easter bunny ever and a bizarre indoor petting zoo
*Kwynne and her infectious laugh!
*staying up too late every night!
*Easter egg hunt
*the Easter miracle on the drive home with 2 kids sleeping at the same time
*the second Easter miracle of not running out of gas after Dal forgot to fill up when we left Drumheller

Wish I had some pics to post but you can imagine all of our smiling faces, except when they weren't ......

Thanks for the fun guys, same time next year?

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  1. it is definitely a date! I am very excited. It was great of you guys to come. thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!