Saturday, March 27, 2010


Okay, so I am going to be the first to admit that I was not excited to read this book. I actually avoided it for years just because of all the hype. I was willfully against reading it and thought that the excitement surrounding it was silly, especially from the grown women I knew who were over the top in love with these books. I just could not imagine why they were so crazy about them but decided that I had no desire to read them and was just not going to do it. Fast forward a few years and two books have been made into movies and the advertisements are everywhere. At this point I just didn't even really think about it anymore but I finished the book I was reading and was ready for something lighthearted and fun. I was considering re-reading some of the Harry Potter books when a friend suggested the Twilight series. I has been avoiding them but then thought, really, why not?

This past Monday Dal went out of town so I decided to borrow them from a girlfriend and give them a whirl. Little did I know that I would be engrossed in a matter of moments and that I would finish the book in just days. I could not believe that while they were so simplistic and almost childish, that they stirred in me some adolescent memories that made them ring so true and overpower me with a sense of excitement and nervous energy that I could not explain! I was much more into the books than I ever imagined I would be and while they are over-the-top ridiculous in story line, somehow that doesn't seem to matter when you are reading them. They draw you in and you are hooked! While I am still not sold on the swooning and older women throwing themselves at the actors in the movies or saying that they are falling in love with "Edward Cullen", I can sheepishly admit that I am thoroughly enjoying the story and have been converted to a Twilight fan!


  1. Way to go, Tami! I was not too excited to read these books either, but wanted some light reading last summer. They are definitely enjoyable ... and a great story of forbidden love! How do you think it would go over at book club? :)

  2. It is hard to explain why they have that effect but enjoy it- they are just for fun and just so fun! Rob Pattinson is not my Edward!!

  3. Tami, so fun! I totally concur! That is just how I felt. I am not in love with the actors, but there is just something that draws you into the story! (At least in the books more then the movies) I'm glad you are enjoying them.