Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Dallin travels. For work, I mean. It is hard and complicated and lots of extra hours. it is sleeping in hotels and eating too much food and all of it at restaurants. It is getting no time to yourself and only getting to talk to your kids for 30 seconds each. It is missing home and friends and events. It is sleeping on airplanes and layovers and jetlag. It is coming back to a cranky wife and work piled up from while you were gone. It is meetings and more meetings. It is not as glamorous as it looks.
But then there are the moments where it is good. Sleeping in a king-size bed in a nice hotel instead of sharing a room with a colleague like you expected. It is arriving early and having the chance to sight see or eat a nice meal. It is not having to deal with all the chaos at home! Seeing places you wouldn't get to otherwise or traveling to warm destinations in the winter.
I can't wait to travel. I get itchy sometimes and just need to go somewhere, ANYWHERE! We are booked to go to Phoenix in May with all the kids and I can't wait (don't tell my kids - we are surprising them!) I would LOVE to go away with Dallin somewhere too. We are thinking about San Francisco for our anniversary in Sept. A bunch of girlfriends and I are talking about a girls weekend away, maybe in Las Vegas in the fall/winter. If I could go anywhere right now it would be to Bora Bora .... laying on the beach and drinking something sweet and soaking up the sun! Where would you go if you had the chance? With your spouse? With your kids? Where was the last place you went? Would you go again?
There are so many places I can't wait to see and experience but they have to wait a few more years. Right now, I live vicariously through other people's travels ..... share them with me!!!!


  1. I went to Texas last year and had an amazing time but I think it was the company not the location. We are going to Vegas in about 2 months and we are very excited! You are coming here in a few weeks, isn't that thrilling?

  2. It IS Laura - I am so excited! I can't wait to see your new house and to see Owen and Jost - i bet they seem so big now! When do you get to come here and meet little Noah?