Monday, November 9, 2009

Favorite Things

So I have been thinking lately about all of my favorite things. I have so many but wanted to list about a few:

Going for a walk, especially with my family on a nice day
dark chocolate
date nights at home with my sweetie - we make dinner for the kids and put them to bed and then make ourselves some kind of sandwich or burger and watch a movie and hang out
To go along with that - sandwiches and homemade burgers - yumm!
Shows on the Food Network, especially ones with Tyler Florence or Michael Smith or Ina Garten
Girls Night Out
Thanksgiving and Halloween
Autumn clothes likes sweaters and boots
A really great book
bubble baths
Green smoothies - if you don't know what these are you better ask
making cookies and eating them hot
talking on the phone with a good friend
playing cards
vietnamese subs
hockey games, especially if I get to GO to the game
family reunions
CHEESE - all kinds except processed
My kids laughs
The lake
BBQ ribs and corn in the summer - yummy!
Cilantro, anything with it on or in it
nachos with all the fixings - spicy chicken, cheese, peppers, guacamole, salsa, sour cream
Christmas Eve
running, when I am in good shape (right now I HATE it)
listening to fun music and dancing around, especially with my kids
family vacations
my Mother-in-law's homemade buns
cooking blogs

Okay, so it is a long incomplete list ... but if you noticed a large portion of my favorites are either food or food related. I am a little obsessed! I love food and recipes and cooking. It is in that light that I decided I would start adding some here to my blog. I like to cook and share recipes. I like to come up with recipes and tweak the ones I find. I like to learn how to make new things and I thought I could share what I know with you .... if anyone is actually reading this!
So, anything you have requests for let me know and I will start out with some classics. We will see where it goes from there!

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  1. I am so excited Tami! You always have the yummiest food. I can't wait!!!