Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Dallin has been training for some time now for his first triathlon. It has been super busy with swimming twice a week, running twice a week and biking twice a week plus doubles on some days! I have felt so bad for him since I know it has been tough to balance and with a new baby and three other kids I am sure my demands have not been small.
Before the BIG race he decided to run in a 10K race that his company sponsors called Footstock. He did well and beat his old time so no complaints. I think he ran the 10K in 50 minutes so not bad.
The triathlon day approached. His sister was competing with him, which made it so much better and easier for him. We had many friends compete as well, which helped. He was nervous and anxious, understandably. The big day came and he did amazing. This was his first and he beat everyone that we knew that had entered! His time was 1hr 20 minutes, not that it means anything, but he really did so well! He is glad it is over but I am proud of him for sticking to it. I am no good with things like that and I am so impressed and inspired by him. He is my hero!

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  1. AnonymousJuly 15, 2009

    his sister is chubby :)
    Dallin did awesome!