Monday, June 22, 2009

A Day for Dad

I love Father's Day. I love my Dad and my Father-in-law and know that they would do anything for us. They have been good examples and teachers and they love my kids to no end. More importantly though, I love Dallin and what a good Dad he is. Dallin loves our kids and it shows. He is such a good father and has such a good relationship with our kids. They love him so much and he is the clear favorite. When Dallin gets home from work, they all RUN (literally) to the garage door to give him hugs and kisses. He plays with them and teaches them things and is a good friend to them. I am amazed at his patience and kindness and how he just KNOWS what to do. I am in awe of his tenderness and love to watch his sense of humor with the kids. Whether it is jumping on the trampoline, making pancakes on Saturday morning, sorting the recycling with them or taking them for special trips just them and Dad, he is amazing.
Dallin is so good about wanting to spend time with us. He makes us a priority and I feel like he really DOES like being with us and would rather do things with us than go most places. I love that I can feel that as I know my kids can too. I am glad that they have the security that comes with the knowledge that their dad loves them, and even more that their dad loves their mom and vice versa. I am so thankful to have a husband who is a great father and never questions being with his kids, and doesn't think of being at home with them as "babysitting" or a burden. He just likes to spend time with them!
We love you Dallin, and are so thankful you are ours!

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