Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Musings

I love that we have a day to celebrate moms.  I have a mom, I am a mom, my husband has a mom - we need to celebrate!  
Every year I get spoiled and this year was no exceptions.  Gorgeous flowers in my favorite shades of pink - gerbera daisies and lilies to boot!  Breakfast brought to me while I got ready for church, handmade cards from Dallin and the kids and the promise of a wheat grinder, which is dorky but I am excited about :) I even got to take a nap after church and Dallin made dinner for us - some amazing rib eye steaks and grilled veggies.  
I feel so blessed to have so many wonderful moms in my life: my own mom who is incredible and she doesn't even know it, my mother-in-law who is so good to me and fills in the gaps whenever she can, my sister in laws who are such good examples of motherhood and love, grandmothers who love their grandkids and great grandkids and paved the way and so many girlfriends who continue to amaze me with their mothering skills.  I hope all of you felt as special and important as me!

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  1. I'm glad to hear you had a great day Tami. You totally deserve it. You are a great Mom, one of the best for sure! And, you are the best sister-in-law.