Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spring Break

Only 3 more days until sanity.  Why is that you ask?  Two words - Spring Break.
I am always so excited for Spring Break to begin, or any break for that matter.  I get so tired of the daily grind, the routine that dominates our days.  Getting up early and rushing the kids out the door after a not-so-great breakfast, dropping them all at school and then home, only to go back to preschool to pick up 2 hours later and then to the Elementary school in the afternoon.  Then there is homework, reading and spelling and all kinds of other good things that I cannot remember doing in the first grade.  Add to that getting dinner done and the kids bathed and ready for bed and I am absolutely exhausted by the time they are asleep!  
The first few days are always good, the kids play together in blissful harmony and actually seem to enjoy all of the "togetherness".  We usually hit a hump where we plan lots of activities or run lots of errands to keep them busy.  We are now on the downhill slide where they are impatient, frustrated and bored.  They are at each others' throats and maliciously looking for ways to make the others miserable.  Even poor little Jack, who is generally the happiest of souls, has been ornery and vindictive today.  They are all so sick of each other and if we are being honest with each other I am sick of them too.  I love them to death but I need them to go back to school so I can love them even more!  
Only 3 more days until sanity ....

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