Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Easter Fun

I love Easter morning!  It ranks up there with Thanksgiving and birthdays, just behind Christmas.  I love the spring weather, or at least the promise of it, and I love the pretty colors and the hidden treasures.  Of course, there is the fact that it is an entire holiday that uses chocolate but that is another ball of wax.  Most of all, I love the story of Christ's resurrection.  I love the beautiful sense of renewal and rebirth that it brings.  I love teaching that story to my children and trying to convey to them just how miraculous and special that day really is.  
The kids really seemed to "get it" this year, more than in years past.  It was so amazing to hear Emma tell of the crucifixion and the burial and subsequent resurrection of Christ.  She knew so many details and remembered that it was Mary that he first appeared to.  I find it so powerful to hear the story through the mouth of children, they really seem to pick up on the importance and what it means!  
The Easter bunny, of course, made an appearance and they were thrilled to follow the trail leading to their Easter treasures.  I loved watching their little faces as they picked up each piece of candy left for them.  Jack was especially excited, last year he wasn't even walking at this point so he was left to watch the girls get all of the booty!  This year he had a trail all his own and he was thrilled about it.  
Even more special was the fact that Baba and Grampa were here to share it with us - they all loved that :)
Another Easter come and gone, the last of the candy finally eaten but many good memories left behind!!!

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