Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Making a Change for Good

This is a hard thing for me, change.  There are some changes I need to make, especially as a mom, and it is really hard for me to make them.  For some reason I think about it and try to implement it but then cannot seem to actually follow through and get past the initial planning part!  I am such a planner!  
I read an interesting article about "Losing It" with your kids and I found a lot of it to ring true with me.  I have never thought of trying to be a "god" to my kids but the principles were accurate and I know for sure that I freak out because I am impatient and frustrated because MY agenda is not being fulfilled.  
It is funny because I feel like I have heard all of the suggestions of prayer and love before but somehow it just does not click into actions.  That is where I fail, in the follow through in the long term.  I am hoping that by writing this down that I will hold myself accountable and try to DO these things and not just say them.  My fear is living in the police state that the article refers to and having my children be afraid of me.  That is not where I want to be 10 years down the road.  Hopefully this change can be one for the better, one that I make for good!


  1. I just wanted to say how much you inspire me! It was after reading your blogs that I finally decided to make a blog page of my own. I love to read your open thoughts about life and it helps me every time I read them. I think you are amazing.

  2. Thanks Tamara. It is hard sometimes to be honest enough to admit where I am failing to everyone I know but it really is helping me be accountable for my actions and to try to do better. Even since writing this post things are going much better :) Although pregnancy hormones DO tend to get the better of me some days ....