Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Home Alone

This week I am home alone.  This is nothing new for me as Dallin has gone away frequently since we have been married.  He used to travel quite a bit more and things have slowed down over the past year.  Despite it being a fairly common occurrence, I will never get used to it.  I still get sad thinking about him leaving, nervous about his flight and basically hold my breath until he lands safely.  I still get jumpy at night and have trouble sleeping.  I am still impatient and tired at the end of every day and can't seem to get used to not having the help.  I still miss him like crazy when he goes and count down every day until he comes home.  
This time it is only 4 days.  He is only in San Francisco, which is really only about a 3-4 hour flight from here.  Not that far, especially when you think the last time it was Hong Kong or the times he has been to India.  It doesn't seem to change the fact that it is something I could completely live without.  
I know for him it is just as exhausting and he hates to leave me at home as much as I hate being left.  I know it is not all dinners out and sleeping alone in a luxurious king size bed with no kids waking you up in the middle of the night (but that is one of the perks) - he works long hours and deals with very frustrating circumstances, often to which he can not give a solution since he is thousands of miles from his office.  
He will be back before I know it and we will hopefully have a nice break before he has to go again.  I can't imagine being MORE pregnant than this and having him leave again - I think I would seriously break down and cry.  For now, I only have 3 more days of being home alone.  

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  1. so hard Tami. You must be so tired. 2 more days. You can do it.