Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Baking Bread

I LOVE baking bread.  Baking anything in general is fantastic but bread is one of the best.  There is such a satisfaction in baking your own bread.  In seeing the dough come together and then rise, the loaves formed.  Then there is the smell, oh the SMELL!  There is NOTHING like the smell of fresh baked bread or buns.  
My mother-in-law (from here on out to be called MIL) makes the best buns - BEST.  The only ones better are her moms and well, you can imagine why that is.  She also makes amazing bread.  Often when we go to MIL's for dinner she will have fresh buns or bread baking and it is the best feeling.  Just so comforting and homey - you know?  
I make buns often since Emma like them for her lunches at school.  They are easier for the kids to eat sandwiches on and great for snacks and to have in the freezer for nights that we make soup for dinner or sloppy joes, etc.  Today we decided to make some whole wheat bread.  Sophia and Jack LOVE to help and I wish I had gotten a picture of them, all covered in flour and peering anxiously over the mixer while it kneads the dough.  They are so cute and excited about cooking, I would not be surprised if one of them goes to culinary school later in life - who are we kidding, I would LOVE it!!!  
So now I get to have the satisfaction of fresh bread.  The first slice with real butter or for Dallin with honey is like a little bite of heaven!!!


  1. Can I come live at your house?

  2. That picture should be in a magazine! Soo delicious!