Thursday, March 26, 2009

10 things that made me smile today .....

Okay so this picture made me smile but below are 10 and I know there are many more to come today:

1. Dallin trying to kiss me goodbye quietly at 5:45am but bumping into the door with his bag
2. Sophia and Emma asking if they could play Barbies as soon as they got up, even though it is a school day
3. The way the girls made their beds - the sheets hanging out the sides but the covers pulled all smooth
4. Emma practicing her home reading this morning before school
5. Jack and Sophia sitting on the couch together looking through the Scholastic Book order forms
6. All of the kids crowding around me to eat the pretzels and raisins I brought to visiting teaching (there were 4 of them)
7. Sophia's hair - so wild and crazy all the time
8. Jack being afraid of my VT companions "baby" who is an 18 months old girl
9. Jack pressing his face on the glass of the den door and calling my name
10. snuggles and kisses from my kids - I sure love them!!!


  1. I can imagine Jack & Soph sitting and looking thru the book order forms. That is too cute! You should ask at a salon what to use for curly hair. You want some control but not the rigidity of gel or mousse. This other blog I read, her daughters hair reminds me of Sophia's.

  2. She did a post on the hair product she uses but I can't find it. I bet if you asked her she would tell you. Here is some links to good pictures of her kids hair.