Thursday, February 26, 2009

One Good Day

That's all it takes to remind you of why you love being a mom.  One good day.  Today was that day, well, for the most part.  The kids did get up early, Jack was up yelling by 6:55am and was up SCREAMING to be let out of his crib by 7:15, which of course woke up the girls.  From then on it was a really good day.  The kind of day you wish you could video to show your Dh so he knew what you did all day, the kind you show your mom and mother-in-law so that they know you really are a good mom and the kind you watch yourself on the not-so-good days to remind you of why you love being a mom.
There was nothing special about today: we cleaned a bit, did some laundry, de-cluttered the toy room, colored pictures, ate fruit for snacks, made peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, read all of the library books - some twice, and just hung out and cuddled a bunch.  There was normal everyday stuff like unloading and reloading the dishwasher.  There was the not-normal-or-fun stuff like Jack throwing up 6 times after his nap.  Overall it was a good day.  I guess that is what I needed.  Just One Good Day .....

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