Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Week 51

Jack lost his first tooth!

Okay, so the week is already half over.  Sue me!  It has been busy, as I think everyone is in June.  We have a crazy month - Dallin and Sophia both have birthdays in June as does one uncle, one cousin and a Grandpa plus Father's Day thrown in for good measure.  School ends with all of the field trips, projects and outdoor activities that they cram in plus soccer is winding up this week.  I will be SO glad to see July!!!
I have gotten myself into Downton Abbey.  Have any of you watched it/heard of it?  Were you addicted?  I am officially hooked and I can't wait to watch the rest.  We don't have cable so this is my entertainment.  Thank goodness for a mother-in-law who likes PBS, A&E and old British period pieces as much as I do and buys a LOT of DVD's!  So far I have limited myself to one episode a night AFTER the kids are in bed - let's hope I can keep it that way :P
I am getting bummed out from all of the rain and cold weather.  I know this is punishment for such a mild winter with hardly any snow and I know I said I would not complain but I want some good hot sunshine.  Is that too much to ask?
On to the menu ....

Dinner at the Doneys' - ham, buns and salads.  I love salads and eating that way suits me just fine!

Pancakes and eggs - Dallin was off that day and we got sidetracked and I never started dinner until I realized we had to eat so Jack could make it to soccer.  At least the pancakes were not from a mix and I did make syrup to go with it :P

Sweet and Sour Chinese chicken (I change it up a bit), rice, steamed broccoli, asian salad and dumplings with frosted brownies for dessert - I took dinner to another family who just had a baby.

fig balsamic pork chops, bacon, cheddar and chive mashed potatoes, grilled zucchini & caesar salad

Chicken Rollatini with prosciutto and cheese, roasted potatoes, steamed lemon green beans, quinoa caprese salad with a white balsamic vinaigrette (it is a recipe that has been brewing in my head for a while - I will let you know how it turns out)

Indonesian pork tenderloin, brown rice, zucchini, mushrooms and carrots, spinach salad

night off - no idea what we will eat

What are you cooking this week?  What is your current favourite meal or go-to dish?  Tell me!

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  1. I am finished watching Downton Abbey. I'm jealous that you still have some episodes to watch. SOOOOO GOOOOOOD!