Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Week 47

Happy post long weekend.  Does anyone else ever feel hammered after the long weekend?  I love the time off that the kids get and we really did get so much accomplished but then when life comes roaring back in, I can hardly keep up!!!
We planted our front flowers and put down mulch beside the house, plus prepped the back garden for vegetables.  Have I mentioned how much I love spring and planting season?  I got some gorgeous flowers for out front and I cannot wait to watch them grow!
My sweet sister in law was in town this weekend.  I love it when she is here.  She is so wonderful and just knows how to make everyone feel loved, appreciated and accepted.  I want to be like her when I grow up.
I am also fairly certain that Jack is becoming more and more allergic to dogs.  He played in a friend's house today for about 1.5 hours and by dinner time could hardly breath and I think he sneezed about 40 times in the 30 minutes it took him to eat.  I dosed him with asthma meds and a shot of Benedryl so I hope he sleeps okay tonight.
Dallin having class on the same night as our ward's youth activities is no fun.  At least I do not have to be at the church every week but it sure makes getting Emma there and back tricky, not to mention trying to be there to help the leaders or to teach a class for the Young Men (that is another story).
Okay, enough random crap.  This week for dinner:

Dinner at my inlaws - pulled beef on a bun, a plethora of salads and yummy strawberry cake for Lydia's birthday

McDonald's.  I NEVER take my kids there so it was a huge treat.  We had planted all day and I did not have the time nor the energy to cook.

Classy Chicken (curry chicken casserole) over rice with green beans.

Beef stew over mashed potatoes, sautéed zucchini and caesar salad

General Tao chicken drumsticks, stuffed potatoes, glazed carrots and spinach raspberry salad

Going out for Mexican with my brother-in-law and his girlfriend.  Totally excited - it is long overdue!  I will feed the kids leftovers.

a snack before we go to the adult session of Stake Conference for our church.  We will grab a bite to eat after.  The kids will probably have pasta with parmesan cream sauce or something.

What are you eating this week?  Are you currently on any food kicks?  I am on a BBQing kick but I am totally craving some yummy Indian right now.  I need to figure out some good recipes to duplicate my faves!

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  1. Awe Tam, you are always so nice to me. I loved seeing your house and am bummed I didn't get in your pantry! Your menus sound amazing! I am always a wreck when Woody is home, for some reason its hard for me to make dinners when he's here. It's like I think he is going to make it or something...haha