Friday, May 11, 2012

I'm Baaaaa-ack! Week 45

Okay so all I can say it the last two weeks were glorious, sunny and hot beyond belief and we had an amazing trip.  I will post about it separately.  Being home has been bitter-sweet.  I love being home, sleeping in my own bed and having control over my own time but I miss the sunny hot weather and having Dallin with us 24/7.
It was so nice to stay in my parents home down there as we were able to come home with totally clean laundry and all we had to do to unpack was move the clothes from the suitcases to our drawers - sure makes the adjustment that much easier.  Now I am facing all of the tasks I was putting off until after our trip.  There is still SO much to do now with re-organizing our house and redecorating it all.  Stuff is still everywhere as we figure out what we want to do and where we want to put things.  I am tired of the mess but excited to get going on things.

For dinner this week:

Steak and Shake.  Normally we do not eat out on a Sunday but we were driving back from the coast and it was late and the kids NEEDED to eat.

lasagna at my parents

eat out again - we were travelling.  I had an ahi tuna & cabbage salad and tandoori chicken flatbread

finally got to eat at home!  BBQ chicken drumsticks, foil packs of new potatoes, bell peppers, mushrooms and sweet maui onions, grilled zucchini spears and caprese salad

orange chili pork tenderloin, creamy polenta, green beans and greek spinach salad

chicken tacos with mango avocado salsa and cabbage slaw, spanish rice, green beans (they are fresh and need to get eaten!) and chips and guac.  It was so good!

leftovers - we have leftovers of every meal this week so it will be a free-for-all.  Plus I am taking an all day photography course tomorrow so I know I won't really have time to cook much.

I am loving using my BBQ and grilling foods.  It is my favourite time of year :)  What are your favourite grilled foods/recipes?  What do you crave or immediately want to make once grilling season starts?  I love ribs with lots of sauce .... recipe coming soon!

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  1. Welcome back Tam! I love your diamond mouse ears, very diva-ish! You all looked very tanned and happy in that picture. Can't wait to hear about it.