Thursday, January 26, 2012

Christmas Doney Style

So I know it has been a month since Christmas (exactly) but since this blog is for us to preserve family events I wanted to make sure I got it all down.  Things happen, sometimes all too suddenly, and I never want to wish I had done it but never got around to it.
We had another wonderful Christmas season.  It was laid back and much more relaxed since we went low key on gifts and Santa only brought one each.  We spent Christmas Eve with the Doneys, sledding for the kids and hanging out and chatting for the adults.  We ordered in Chinese which was new this year but it doesn't matter what we eat, it is all about the fun and time together.  The kids had a blast playing and then the pyjama parade and dance which always follows is everyone's favourite, including mine.  One family was not there this year and was sorely missed but overall it was great fun and the kids loved it.
Christmas morning we got up, read scriptures with the kids and then raced down to see what Santa had brought.  I always love watching their faces!  We opened gifts, but saved the best until last.

(PS - Sophia guesses Sidney at the beginning, even though it sounds like she was right)

We had a lovely breakfast - every year I make Eggs Benedict, cinnamon buns and lots of fruit and juice - and headed off to church.  Thankfully it was at 11am so we had lots of time!  After church we went to my parents for dinner and exchanging gifts with them.  They always go WAY overboard but I guess that is what grandparents do.  It was so nice was having my grandparents, the kids great-grandparents, there to spend the day with as well.  I love that they come out to visit for December and that my kids will remember spending that holiday with them.  Also, we got the wonderful surprise that my brother and his sweet wife are expecting their first baby this summer.  We are THRILLED and I can't wait for them to experience all the joys and "joys" of parenthood.
The next week was spent doing lots of jobs around the house and just hanging out. We ate too much, partied with the kids and many friends and just loved our week off together.
We capped it all off with our annual NYE party.  We have a small party and dance with the kids and then send them off to bed (or for the older girls sent them to the neighbours who were coming here to watch a movie with their daughters.)  Good times were had by all and lots of good food.  We really are so blessed and can't believe another year has gone.
Now the good stuff - pictures!


  1. That made me sad we missed Christmas all over again! The kids are all so big in the pyjama parade! Sounds like it was wonderful! I'm waiting for pantry pictures still...:)

  2. Nice post Tam! Reminds me that I need to get mine done for Christmas as well - yikes!! Love those kidlets - especially lil' Liddy! What a fun surprise for them, you guys will have a blast!
    Totally unrelated comment, but I made your coconut chicken strips the other night and they were to die for! They will become one of my "regular's"! Thanks for the recipe!