Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Week 24

Happy Sugar Day!  It was a wild night here for everyone - staying up too late, WAY too much candy and  a day packed with activities lead to a very grumpy morning the next day.  We had a late start but we are moving and grooving now.
I am feeling overwhelmed by clutter.  My life is full of it and I can't stand it.  I am not much of a clutter bug but since the summer we have just been non-stop go-go-go and I have not taken the time to purge.  I am feeling the need now though, oh boy howdy do I ever.  Everywhere I turn, I get that gnawing feeling, my skin feels itchy and it is like I want to jump out of my own skin.  I am ready to just pull out a garbage bag and go to town on the whole place but I know that is not how to start.  Plus we have about 3 MAJOR projects on the go right now and I need to get those done first.  My plan is to get a major chunk of our room done and we are planning on doing the final measurements for our closet so we can do the reno on that asap.  Like ordering the closet system tomorrow!  I am so excited I can barely stand to wait but I know it will all come together soon.  Pics to follow ..... it is all just such a disaster right now.  Patience, my pets.

This week for dinner ......

Coconut Chicken Fingers, mashed potatoes, broccoli and cheese, salad

takeout Pizza and veggies - it is our Halloween tradition.  We almost never order pizza (if we have it, we make it or else it is a frozen one for kids when we are going out)

vegetarian Spaghetti, salad, garlic bread

oven baked BBQ chicken legs with a homemade sauce, oven roasted potatoes, honey glazed zucchini and carrots

asian pork tenderloin, brown rice, peas and cabbage salad

Black bean burritos or fajitas, spanish rice, corn, chips and guac

Date Night - got the babysitter booked and everything!  It feels like it has been forever since we are usually pretty good about going out every week but the last few weekends have been nuts.

Okay pretties, what are ya makin'?  Shout out any food/recipe love or else just something you made last week or want to make this week.  C'mon, I know you are all cooking out there!!!

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  1. okay, this isn't fancy but I made tacos and loved that
    A) it was easy
    B) it was nutritious, has all the food groups in it
    and C) it even tasted good.
    now if only D) my kids would eat it :(