Monday, October 17, 2011

Week 22

(excuse the hair in my face, it was sunny and breezy so I was having a hard time looking straight)

This morning was a blur, a bonafide whirlwind that left me spinning.  I am part of this LOVELY babysitting co-op that I am just so thankful for.  I share with two other sweet girls the watching of our kids 3 days a week.  Monday is my day.  It is nice because I get it out of the way and laundry can happen in the background while the 6 children (the 2 youngest from each of us) play and make messes.  Copious amounts of messes.  It also means that tomorrow is Tuesday and that for the next 2 mornings I get to be child-free.  Not that I need to be but it is just nice knowing I have options and that whatever I want to do, I can do it sans kids.
I am also making stock from a turkey carcass that is seriously HUGE.  Don't you just love the word carcass?  It is just so ...... savage.  I also love the word savage.  Okay, moving on.
Dallin is on a business trip.  The first one since moving to the new company.  Technically he has not even left yet and I already feel stressed about it.  Normally he wouldn't be home for another 3.5 hours but I am feeling the effects of the trip.  How does that even make sense?  
Anyway, on to the menu:

Thanksgiving part II at my parents - turkey with the BEST cranberry stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, turnips, carrots, corn, buns and cranberry sauce plus pumpkin pie.  (double burp)

cinnamon BBQ chicken breasts, roasted garden potatoes, broccoli with cheese sauce

sloppy joes on buns since we have a TONNE and I never made it last week, oven fries, zucchini and caesar salad

Turkey pot pie with cheddar cheese crust made with the leftover turkey meat and this stock I am cooking today.  Probably more broccoli since I have a lot to use up and a green salad with cherry tomatoes, cukes and whatever veggies I have in my fridge that need to get used 

My MIL is coming to babysit so Dallin and I can go to the Temple so whatever she serves or if I get the chance to make something ahead of time, it will probably be something in the crockpot ... I will have to think about that

No plans this weekend so one night we will have homemade pizzas or chicken sandwiches and one night we will go out for a date night

See above!

Okay lovelies, what are you cooking?  What is your favourite thing to make with turkey leftovers?  I love pot pie, especially my homemade one, or these tarragon vol au vents.  Yummy!


  1. I made a meal last week and I thought of you. It looked so fancy and I seriously thought to myself, "this must be how Tami feels" when I was looking at it.
    It was butternut squash ravioli (that I bought at costco) with a brown-butter sage sauce that I looked up on-line, topped with finely chopped red peppers and some jalepeno havarti cheese (I would have rather had some mild goat cheese but... you know. I take what I can get).
    There's my fancy meal for the month.

  2. I wish I had some good ideas to share...mine are not as nice as either of yours, I did make a Sausage Scalloped Potato Casserole one night, Monte Cristo Sandwiches with soup another night...and I can't remember any more!