Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Week 19

This week is flying by already.  I am not ready for September to be over yet.  I love Fall but I just am in no hurry to see winter and I know it will be here before we know it.  October is such a love/hate month for me.  I LOVE Hallowe'en and Fall and all the decorations and fun and the FOOD but I know November is around the corner and it is such a dull, depressing month.  
But it is still September and we have had a GORGEOUS month.  There is nothing like cool, crisp mornings and sunny warm afternoons.  I love it!  
Here is our menu this week:

Dinner at my moms - pork roast, baby potatoes, steamed beets, garden carrots, salad and buns

picnic dinner at Bragg Creek Provincial Park - mushroom soup, more buns, veggies, chocolate chip cookies and cheezies for anyone willing to eat them :P

A horrible day around here so the kids had leftovers, Dal had cereal and I had a chicken pot pie at like 8:30pm!

pork chops with fig balsamic glaze, mashed potatoes, green beans, beets, caesar salad

Chicken stew with biscuits, broccoli, strawberry spinach salad

Finally going out for our anniversary

I am catering a dinner party and Dallin will be at Priesthood Session of General Conference and out for Chinese after with his dad and brothers/friends

So spill it - what are you eating this week?  I want some meals people.  Just one will do!!!

(I am dying over these sweater dresses for the girls - love it!)


  1. Beef burgundy yesterday and today honey/mustard/curry chicken and rice. Tomorrow?? TBA. Can I eat at your house? Chicken stew and biscuits sounds delish.

  2. loving the pictures...when did the girls get so grown up?!?!? sophia looks so different with straight hair. i may have to make your chicken stew again....everyone loved it!!