Thursday, August 18, 2011

I'm BACK in the Saddle Again

What, you aren't all die hard Aerosmith fans?  Well, tough nubs.  Ignore the title then :P

So life has been busy/fun/hectic/miserable/crazy/sanity-breaking/right-some-good-family-fun lately.  We have been here, there and everywhere and even got a nice bout of a stomach virus just for good measure.  That being said, I am quite grateful just to be staying at home for the rest of the summer.  Hanging out at the beach and going for slurpee walks suits me just fine!
So for my menu this week (and I know we are already halfway through), we have been going easy but that is what summer is all about.  Now let me see if I can remember all the days:

Sunday: Dallin and I had spicy buffalo chicken sandwiches topped with tomato, avocado, thin red onion and lettuce with veggies on the side.  The kids ate cereal because that is what they asked for :P

Monday: pork tenderloin with a honey BBQ glaze, loaded mashed potatoes (bacon, chives and cheddar cheese), asparagus, spinach salad

Tuesday: Honey lime chicken thighs, grilled zucchini (from our garden - love it!), steamed carrots, quinoa greek salad with feta

Wednesday: whole wheat penne with pesto cream sauce, sun dried tomatoes and chicken

Thursday: homemade mushroom soup and cheddar scones with green salad

Friday: depends on if we are here or not - probably a babysitter and most likely out to dinner

Saturday: black bean burritos, guacamole and chips, maybe corn (this meal is flexible)

I am loving this summer cooking and using my BBQ as much as possible.  I am also in the midst of a canning craze and trying to get everything put up for the winter.  I am debating trying my hand at some pickles but not too sure.  Anyone done them and have a good recipe?