Monday, July 4, 2011

Week 11

This beauty landed on our lilac out back and we were enraptured!

Happy Monday fourth of July!  Even though I don't celebrate it (we celebrated on Friday July 1st for Canada Day), I still love this holiday.  It seems so festive - much more so than what we do here.  I love the patriotism of it all!
Today is business as usual around these parts and I am trying to plan my menu for the week.  We got off course again last week due to some more sick kids (Emma and Jack again) and a few things coming up.  Such is life, right?  I think with the summer we will be faced with that more and more as we change our plans and are much more spontaneous.  Plus, I plan to live at the lake this summer so there will be nights we come home from the beach and just eat cold cereal.  Cuz that's how we roll.

So here is a tentative menu, but I fully plan for it to change .....

chicken fajitas with spanish rice, corn and chips and guacamole - so delicious after fasting!

Fig balsamic pork chops with polenta (we never had it last week and I am out of potatoes) and broccoli

Crispy coconut chicken fingers with sweet potato fries and salad, some watermelon

Pepper steak with rice pilaf and some sort of veggie and a caprese salad (tomato, mozza, basil)

marinated grilled chicken (I am thinking a honey lemon rosemary marinade), Marty's grilled sliced potatoes with red onion and garlic and green beans plus a green salad, probably spinach & veggie

we are heading to the Calgary Stampede and we will be eating fair food - corn dogs, root beer, BBQ beef sandwiches, those little donuts, lemonade slushes, basically anything I can fit in my face!!!

Not sure yet - probably just something easy like sandwiches

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