Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer of Running

This is my mantra - my goal. I want this to be the summer of running. Of course, I really am just getting back into it and I am not motivated yet but I am trying and I want to do it. I NEED to do it. I ran yesterday and it was HARD. Like, really hard, so hard I wanted to stop. And then, it wasn't so hard anymore! It got easier and I was SO happy I did it! I only ran 30 minutes but I will get better and I will do more.

Dallin on the other hand, runs a lot. He has been running races, 10K mostly, and loves it. He is my inspiration, and I want to be able to run with him again someday. My other inspiration is my SIL. She is a running machine! I want to be like her and I want to be able to run with her one day ... but I doubt that will ever happen, she is FAST!

I used to run, and be pretty good at it. I liked it and looked forward to it. I ran a race and loved it (that is the Sheep River Run 2 years ago right before I got pregnant with Lydia)! I want to be that girl again, the one who runs and is in shape and has fun doing it. So this is the summer of running ... wish me luck!


  1. You can do it!! It is so hard starting again after a break... baby but I know you can do it! Have fun!

  2. We will run Tam, I think the problem is that we don't anywhere near each other- not that you are not running!
    Your other problem is that you look great when you don't run so you don't have as much motivation as I do;)

  3. Running 30 min. truly is tough! Well, Laura and Dallin may disagree - I don't think I've ran for over a year now - ah scary!!! I share your desire to get in shape, I just hate that burning feeling in the lungs when you start up again!

  4. That is so awesome Tami! I think that is a huge accomplishment as it is to be too hard for me to get into I totally respect your effort! You are so great!