Monday, April 19, 2010

Just Like Riding a Bike

Saturday we decided that it was time for Sophia to try her bike again. Last summer we attempted but between her nerves and her height it just didn't happen. We took the pedals and training wheels both off and she used it with her feet for the remainder of the summer. So we put the pedals back on and took her over to the running track at the high school behind us. Dallin began putting Jack and Lydia into the running stroller and I stood behind Sophia preparing for some training and teaching and tears. We gave it a try, I ran behind her for all of 3 seconds and she was off ...... riding totally alone! She just rode away, and didn't look back!!! I stood there in shock and then screamed for Dallin to watch and we both just laughed. Sophia, our little tiny girl, was riding a two wheeler. While it isn't like she is not fully capable and totally ready, but it just took us by surprise how well she did immediately. By the time an hour was over she could stop and start herself, get on and off and just go!
We are SO proud of you Sophia!!!


  1. Way to go Sophia, such a big girl!

  2. You'll have to take some pictures. We are getting Spenser a bike for his birthday and he is so excited.