Tuesday, March 10, 2009

March Madness

I know for most, at least most men, this usually refers to the annual NCAA Basketball tournament that consumes many and is wagered on and discussed endlessly.  
For me, this is the feeling of stir-craziness that comes with wanting spring so badly I can taste it.  We get teased with short little stints of warm weather that remind us that we are not crazy for living here, only to get 6 inches of snow and -25C temps the next day!  Every year around this time I literally check the forecast every day, hoping to see signs of +10 or even +15C .  I dream of the warm breezes and leaving the house in less than a parka and mittens, not having to bundle the kids in so many layers.  I itch to go to the park, to play in the backyard and go for walks without getting frostbite.  I begin to look for things to de-clutter, although never actually do, and consider opening the windows on those sunnier days just to let some fresh air into the house.  Then I look outside and see the snow and ice and realize that those dreams are still another month away.  That I am still living in March Madness .....

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  1. At least you get stints of warm weather, however short they are!