Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Name Game

This is probably one of my favorite and least favorite things to do each time we have a baby.  I am not sure if knowing the gender of the baby makes it easier or harder but we have known 3 pregnancies out of 4 now and so I guess I do not have much to compare with.  
I always vow that I will just skim through some books and find some names I like to take to the delivery room, where we will decide upon looking at our newborn baby.  Not so!  With Sophia we had a name we thought we would use and then D's coworker whom he worked directly with had a baby 4 weeks before  we were due and used that name.  Okay, so on to the next name.  In the end D decided in the delivery room since I was too exhausted to do anything but loll my head and drool.  Jack was another story.  The girls came up with his name before we even knew it was a boy.  When we told them that we were expecting another baby Emma confidently said to us, "Yeah, I know.  It is going to be a baby brother named Jack."  Matter of fact, end of discussion.  Funny thing was, she was right and 2 years later here we are again.  I will not allow them the luxury of naming this baby or else we are going to have a daughter named after one of the hoards of Barbie Princesses.  I am sure they all have nice names but really, it is more than this non-girly mom can handle!  
I was looking at a baby name website last night, which had the very cool option of seeing it's popularity over the last 150 years.  We looked up many of our favorites and crossed even more off the list of options due to the rising popularity of said names.  We already have 3 of the most common around, we would like to try something a little different.  After looking at the site I have decided that I REALLY want to name the baby Precious, if only so that we can cling tightly to baby with a wild look in our eye and talk like Gollum.  Wouldn't that make for an interesting baby blessing?  
That being said I am not completely against input so if you have suggestions I would gladly take them.  All valid, non-rhyming names will be considered .....

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